Sister Dew

Sister Dew starts as the culmination for its founder and head designer vision Maria Guida. After a brilliant career on several Italian fashion brands, she comes to Barcelona for her creations become a reality, portrayed by asymmetrical lines, timeless designs, both elegant and comfortable clothing made with a high quality standard and endurance on mind.


Starting with the first concepts captured on paper down to the last stitches, we are driven by handmade processes. Our patterns are handcrafted, as our garments are made on traditional workshops, giving them a unique personality.


At Sister Dew, our values guide our way of working and understanding our company. Transparency, human rights, respect for the environment and support for the local economy come before commercial values. For this reason, most of the fabrics we use are Made in Green certified. Our desire is that when you dress our clothes you feel good.


We work with local garment manufacturers, enjoying a carefully elaboration by delicate craftsmen dealing with passion the fabrics provided by the best local manufacturers.

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